Joe Arko
Joe is the owner of the Elite Performance Center, ACT Certification and co-owner of TOP OF YOUR GAME. He has been in the strength and conditioning field since 1999 and is currently the director of strength and conditioning for the Canadian National Kickboxing team and the nutritionist for Boxing Ontario.
Emma Barry
A founding member of Les Mills International, Emma has inhaled senior roles in product development, world-class training, and building a ferocious people culture. Now directing group fitness programming for the luxury lifestyle brand Equinox, her M.O. is to unleash the potential in people and projects and define what's next.
Pam Benchley
Pam is a master educator with Stages® Cycling, a national master trainer for BOSU®, Hedstrom Fitness, and NETA. She's a provider of many workshops including indoor cycling, BOSU, and functional/active aging training. Pam currently serves on the faculty at the State University of New York at Fredonia. She's a member of numerous organizations within the fitness industry, including IHRSA, IDEA, and ACSM.

Brian Bettendorf
Trained as a clinical exercise physiologist and currently managing partner in a consulting firm helping companies develop their brand, create new products and accelerate growth. Brian has presented internationally and developed products and education courses for multiple fitness brands.
Lawrence Biscontini
A mindful movement specialist, Lawrence made fitness history as the first recipient of multiple awards from ACE, IDEA & Inner IDEA, canfitpro, and ECA. He’s currently serving as Senior VIP Consultant for Group Programming for the American Council of Exercise. Lawrence creates group fitness and personal training programming internationally for clubs and spas, including Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness, Gold's Gym International, Bally, and Golden Door Spas, where his creations received Conde Nast Traveler Awards recognition.
Billy Boynton
Billy Boynton is a Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor that specializes in correcting dysfunctional movement patterns while building core strength & coordination. Holding degrees in Exercise Science & Emergency Medical Systems, he has an energetic passion for helping people reach their health & fitness goals. Billy is a Presenter for Power Music and the co-developer of SPORT by Group Rx. As a fitness professional & musician, Billy lives his dream daily blending exercise to music to help his clients reach their full potential. Certifications: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Nationally Certified EMT, Certified Group Exercise Instructor
Lee Burton
Dr. Lee Burton is currently the President and Co-owner of Functional Movement Systems, a consulting and education organization focusing on a systematic approach to injury prevention and exercise programming. Lee received his Doctorate Degree from Virginia Tech with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Wellness. His background is primarily in sports medicine, focusing on performance enhancement and injury prevention. He is an internationally recognized speaker and author focusing on human movement and performance enhancement.
Paul Chek
Paul is an internationally acclaimed holistic health practitioner who developed his unique, holistic approach over 26 years of clinical practice in the fields of corrective exercise, high- performance conditioning, and integrative lifestyle counseling. The author of numerous books and professional development courses, he’s the founder of the C.H.E.K Institute and the P~P~S Success Mastery Program.
Fabio Comana
An exercise physiologist and faculty member at SDSU and UCSD in California, Fabio has been a certification manager for the ACE, creating their Integrated Fitness Training Model and developing all their live educational workshops. He has been a collegiate head coach and strength and conditioning coach and has opened and managed health clubs for Club One. Fabio is an international presenter and author and has been featured frequently in the media.
Dr. Carlen Costa
A sexologist, love leader, and relationship psychotherapist, Dr. Carlen supports people as they talk about the challenges they face in intimacy, sex, self-worth, and body image. In her private practice, she helps people improve their sexual performance in healthy and natural ways.
Kevin Darby
Kevin is the head instructor for Darby Training Systems and has been involved in structured physical conditioning programs for over 20 years. He’s a published researcher and takes great pride in the work he’s done as a front-line personal trainer. The systems and methods he advocates are the foundation of many successful personal training businesses. He believes the value of education should be measured by one’s ability to apply it practically.
Julia Di Paolo
A pelvic floor physiotherapist, Julia has been treating pre- and postnatal women for nearly a decade. She has extensive experience with conditions like diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, and incontinence. Julia completed a specialized postgraduate education program focusing on assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor and associated dysfunctions. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge with others to help increase awareness about women’s health.
Oonagh Duncan
Oonagh Duncan is a multi award winning Fitness Expert, author and speaker on feeling amazing - specializing on busy women in their 40s. She was an Associate Fitness Editor for Chatelaine Magazine and regular Expert on the Steven and Chris show. Oonagh is the founder of the Feel Good Movement which recognizes that fitness is not about a number on the scale but about feeling good. Because if you want to reach your highest potential and generally kick ass at life - it starts with feeling good right NOW. Her outdoor Bootcamp company was recognized by NOW Magazine Readers as one of the best “gyms” in Toronto, but her primary focus right now is her five star reviewed online fitness program. When she’s not training, she’s playing Star Wars with her five year old and seven year old sons.
Todd Durkin
Todd is an internationally recognized performance coach, author, and speaker. He's the owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, leading a team of 38 fitness professionals. Todd coaches many NFL, NBA, and MLB superstars as well as everyday fitness enthusiasts striving for greatness in life. He's twice been named one of the top 100 most influential people in health and fitness. Todd lives by the words passion, purpose, and IMPACT.
Shannon Fable
Shannon was the ACE Group Fitness Instructor of the year (2006) and is an international presenter and master trainer for several well known companies including the Nautilus® Institute, BOSU®, and Balletone®. A Power Bar®- and Nautilus-sponsored athlete, Shannon consults for a variety of fitness companies on educational products and programming, in addition to mentoring future fitness educators, through her company, Sunshine Fitness Resources.
Hailing from a variety of educational backgrounds including exercise science, athletic therapy, and personal training, these instructor trainers teach and present around the world. They all hold full certification in the STOTT PILATES® method, and work closely with the Merrithew Health & Fitness™ programming team at the company’s corporate training center in Toronto on course development and curriculum.
Sue Falsone
BSc, Msc
The owner/founder of Structure and Function Education and owner of Falsone Consulting, Sue is an associate professor in athletic training at Arizona's A.T Still University. She's the former head of athletic training and sport performance for the US men's soccer national team and former head athletic trainer and physical therapist for the L.A. Dodgers. Sue is a certified specialist in sports physical therapy, training, strength and conditioning, orthopedic manual therapy for the spine, and yoga.
Sonja Friend-Uhl
No image or bio
Teri Gentes
A professional speaker, practitioner and author in whole-self lifestyle wellness and natural nutrition with 30 plus years’ experience, Teri blends up-to-date research, with passion and practical approaches that motivate and enable easy-to-implement life-enhancing habits. She has long walked her talk and has endless stories of evidence-based results of her own and with clients around the globe. Education: psychology, communications, human relations, conscious wellness nutrition and cooking.
Suaad Ghadban
Suaad Ghadban is a Tv fitness expert, Global News correspondent and fitness speaker. She is well-known for her personal and unique approach to fitness that draws its inspiration from her extensive background in dance, gymnastics and circus training. Suaad is a former World Dance and Sports Aerobic Champion, and she holds a College degree in Sports and Leisure and a B.A. & Sc. in Therapeutic recreation. With 15 years of teaching experience and 22 years of training under her belt, Suaad has created a very fun, effective ballet inspired booty program called Hot Booty Ballet.
Tracy Glennon
E-RYT 200
Tracy is Senior Divisional Manager for the Women’s Boutique Clubs for GoodLife Fitness. She has been practicing/teaching yoga for over 20 years and is a Master Trainer for YogaFit Canada training aspiring yoga teachers across Canada. She enjoys presenting on a variety of topics from women in business to kids yoga at fitness/yoga conferences and has a passion for community fitness events and inspiring people to find their fitness passion.
Sean Greeley
The CEO of NPE, Sean has a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and growing businesses. He formed NPE to help fitness entrepreneurs achieve freedom, success, and prosperity for themselves and their families. Over the last nine years, NPE has grown to serve nearly 17,000 fitness business owners in 93 countries. With offices in the USA, UK, and Australia, it's been listed five times on the Inc 500/5000 list of the fastest growing, privately owned U.S. corporations.
Lisa Greenbaum
E-RYT 500
Lisa Greenbaum E-RYT 500, YACEP is a certified Yoga Therapist based in Toronto, Canada. She is a Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit with a specialty focus on Trauma-Informed Yoga as practiced through the YogaFit for Warriors Certification Program. She has a strong passion for fitness, yoga and movement and her goal is make Yoga accessible to all. She is an avid writer and traveler, with regular contributions to Tonic, Optimyze, Vitalité and canfitpro magazines. She has over 750 hours of YTT education and has studied in US, Canada and India. Lisa is also a certified FIS and PTS with canfitpro. She has been teaching group fitness and Yoga in Toronto since 2001.
Maureen (Mo) Hagan
A global ambassador on the benefits of exercise and living well, Maureen Hagan is vice president of program innovation for GoodLife Fitness and canfitpro. Mo, as she is known in the fitness industry is a licensed physiotherapist, a Physical Health Educator and has been recognized for her work in fitness that spans three decades; named as one of Canada’s 20 Most Influential Women in Sport and Physical Activity (2014) and most recently awarded IHRSA "Woman Leader" of the Year in honor of Julie Main. Mo is a published author and a regular contributor to consumer magazines and online publications including the Huffington Post.
Alexia Henriques
Alexia is a 20-year-old student from Toronto who is currently studying physical and health education at Queen’s University. She represented Canada at the 2017 G(irls)20 Summit in Munich and is an advocate for physical and mental health and improving girls' education worldwide.
Dan Hubbert
Daniel Hubbert is a 30 year music & fitness industry professional who has spent the past 10 years as Power Music Inc’s CEO. He started Group Rx, the company’s successful pre-choreography class division. There he guided the development of programs like RIP, REVOLUTION, WAR, SPORT, TRANSFORM, and WILLOW.
Drew Hume
The overarching intention for all that I do is to bring people together through the art of compassionate touch. Part of my work is aimed at educating people on human biology and the physical forms of Thai Massage and another, larger dream of mine is to ensure that as a culture, we become more touch-literate. I founded Navina™ as a way to spread this message and these teachings as far as possible – bringing people together from all corners of the globe. With each course or workshop I teach I attempt to pass on as much detail and intricacy as I possibly can, as it relates to both the nuanced physical postures of Thai yoga therapy, and the incredible power and of compassionate touch.
Janice Hutton
Hons BPE, MA, B.Ed., PFLC, ACE, canfitpro Certified, Twist SCS, Spinning certified
Janice is the Director of Specialty Markets in the Education division of Twist Conditioning Inc. and is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and conditioning coach with over 20 years in the industry. She has previously worked in certification development with canfitpro, been a university professor, and a swim coach. Janice has presented at events across Canada, published numerous articles in fitness and consumer magazines, and is a well-recognized speaker in the fitness industry.
Mia Jerritt
Mia brings 30 years of insight and wisdom to the world of one-to-one and group coaching. Her background in health and fitness, along with her skills as a successful business owner, allow her to speak from a place of knowledge and experience. She is a powerful change agent for her clients' and her intuition and compassion guarantee results. She is their greatest champion as she pushes each one to challenge their comfort zones which ultimately changes the way they live their lives, both personally and professionally. Mia is a highly accredited ACCC and CIQ Coach, author and national presenter.
SGT Ken® is an international speaker, six-time U.S. Army Soldier of the Year, and highly decorated combat veteran. He’s trained over 500,000 soldiers and civilians through Operation Fit to Fight, has written over 100 magazine articles, and created the fitness and health education website for the U.S. Army National Guard. Ken founded the START Fitness® boot camp program, has starred in several best-selling fitness videos, and was named canfitpro’s Best New Presenter (2011).
Carrie Kepple
Carrie has 15 years' international strategic and operational experience in the fitness industry. She's a highly experienced operator in club management for Les Mills New Zealand as well as national director of group exercise for Gold’s Gym International in the US. Carrie has built multimillion dollar clubs from scratch and rebuilt a club and its culture after it was devastated by a earthquake. Her specialty is leadership excellence and creating winning cultures and winning profits.
Kristy Kilcup
Kristy sports a wide array of certifications, including advanced mat pilates, level 2 kettlebells, and level 1 functional movement specialist. An indoor cycling instructor, master educator, and personal trainer, her passions include teaching kettlebells, training athletes, and furthering her own fitness level.
Ken Kinakin
Dr. Kinakin is a chiropractor and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He's competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting for over 30 years and lectures across North America and Europe to doctors and trainers about weight training, rehabilitation, and nutrition. Dr. Kinakin is the author of "Optimal Muscle Training" and founder of the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists (SWIS) which educates and certifies doctors, therapists, and personal trainers in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of weight-training injuries.
Barbara Klein
CEO, Flexi-Sports
The CEO of Flexi-Sports, Barbara is a physical therapist and international presenter with over 25 years of experience. Also the creator of the FLEXI-BAR®, she's the author of well-known health books and is a fitness and nutrition expert in print and on TV. Barbara is a QVC expert with her own sports and nutrition shows.
Petra Kolber
A keynote speaker, movement motivator, and happiness expert, Petra has presented at over 300 conventions in 30 countries and was the recipient of canfitpro's 2016 International Presenter of the Year. She's spoken at TEDx, hosts the Perfection Detox podcast on iTunes, and is the guest host for the live online show, Daily Burn 365. A two-time cancer survivor, Petra's mission is to teach people how to live their lives fully, with passion and purpose.
Angela Kontgen
With over 25 years in health and fitness, Angela is on a mission to help more people elevate their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies through the powerful daily habit of meditation. She holds many coaching certifications and is a writer and editor for an inspiring global magazine, all of which stems from a passion for helping people take their lives to new levels, beginning with the mind.
Sara Kooperman
Sara, CEO of SCW Fitness Education and WATERinMOTION®, is a visionary leader that has launched nine successful MANIA® fitness-professional conventions, over 30 live and online certifications, and over 600 video & CEC projects. Sara’s humor and warmth is matched only by her devotion to education. She is the proud recipient of the Illinois State Business Woman of the Year and AEA’s Global Award for Contribution to the Aquatic Industry. Having been a former adjunct faculty member for the Kenneth Cooper Institute, ACSM, NASM, ACE and AFAA, Sara serves on the Gold’s Gym Think Tank, is on the Women In Fitness Association Board of Directors, and is a proud inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Sara has left an indelible mark on the fitness industry as a whole.
Charlene Kopansky
HBSc, Bed
The dynamic founder of Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance Inc., Charlene has taught secondary school biology and university-level dance fitness classes. Her skills in dance choreography, water running, yoga, and aqua fitness have made her a popular presenter around the world. The winner of countless awards as a presenter and leader, Charlene continues to develop the curricula for a variety of CALA courses and workshops. She has presented at every national canfitpro conference since its inception.
Len Kravitz
Len is the program coordinator of exercise science and a researcher at the University of New Mexico where he received the Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. In addition to being a 2016 inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, Dr. Kravitz was awarded the 2006 Fitness Educator of the Year by the American Council on Exercise. Len has received the prestigious Specialty Presenter of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award from canfitpro.
Nathalie Lacombe
Blending 20 years of international experience with degrees in psychology and exercise science, Nathalie educates and inspires you. As the Director of Membership and Certification for canfitpro – the leader in fitness and wellness education – Nathalie’s vibrant leadership style leads to profound and lasting changes for her staff, clients, and participants. When you connect with Nathalie in one of her sessions, you are sure to leave with new ideas and a newfound energy.
Kim Lavender
"Coach Lav" is the GoodLife Fitness national director of team training. With over 25 years' experience in the industry, she's led, coached, and trained a wide variety of clients looking to improve their quality of life or performance. Kim is an NLP master practitioner and coach practitioner and holds multiple fitness certifications. A contributing author for numerous publications, her single goal is to make a difference.
Kennedy Lodato
Kennedy Lodato is a 26-year veteran of the fitness industry with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for teaching and running 1 on 1 Mentorships. Before pursuing the role of fitness educator, he occupied the positions of personal trainer, sport conditioning coach and personal trainer manager. Kennedy is a three-time recipient of the canfitpro PRO TRAINER of the year award, co-founder of the CFEA-Canadian Fitness Education Alliance and master instructor/trainer for various industry companies including COREFX, Triggerpoint Performance Therapy, ATS Certifications and EBFA (The Education Based Fitness Academy).
Gillian Mandich
Gillian is completing her PhD in health and rehabilitation science, specializing in health promotion. She's a yoga and Yoga Tune Up® teacher, TV host and community producer of Gillian Mandich: Cooking Adventures, co-host of the Holistic Health Diary podcast and TV show, and guest health host on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Gillian is also the creator, producer, and host of Health Science Radio on 94.9 CHRW, and writes for numerous print and online media.
Ricardo Marmitte
canfitpro FIS
Originally from Mauritius, Ricardo is a Zumba® education specialist (ZES) with a background in jazz, ballet, tap, Indian, hip-hop, merengue, bachata, and salsa. He's performed in various countries for over 14 years. Ricardo has presented at Zumba conferences around the world, from France to Japan, and has been featured in numerous Zumba DVDs, including the new Zumba Incredible Results™. He's a Zumba Jammer and currently teaches classes all over the Greater Toronto Area.
Dione Mason
Dione Mason is a Fitness & Lifestyle Coach and the 2017 canfitpro Fitness Instructor of the Year. She has proven her dedication, drive and commitment to excellence in the Health and Fitness Industry through her motivating and inspiring group fitness classes, creation of unique fitness events and dedication to charity initiatives that promote health and wellness. Dione has been featured in canfitpro Magazine, Toronto Star, CP24, CityTV, SNAP Magazine, and Sway Magazine.
Lisa Mastracchio
Lisa is a sought-after group fitness instructor with over 15 years experience. She currently works at Énergie Cardio in Québec as an instructor trainer and a Les Mills Canada assessor. Lisa also works at Goodlife Fitness clubs as a Newbody national trainer. She’s traveled throughout the country and abroad, sharing her energy and passion for fitness. Lisa’s goal is to motivate, inspire, and empower others to achieve their personal best.
Ben Mcdonald
Ben McDonald has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. He has an extensive and varied sporting background including fencing, board diving, and various forms of Mixed Martial Arts. Ben has competed in Cricket, Aikido, Boxing, and Rugby. Ben’s career highlights include training a wide array of people from beginners up to premiership footballers, national champions in boxing, and elite level athletes. Ben has taught for the largest health and fitness training provider in Europe and has been published in multiple many UK based magazines. Ben has developed multiple qualifications, presented internationally, and is considered UK’s leading expert in PowerClub training. Awarded the 2013 recognition award for International Presenting and Work in the Health and Fitness Industry, it is evident that Ben’s passion and energy transfer directly to his students and his love for the industry is contagious. Ben’s core belief is that fitness should be inclusive not exclusive as there is no one way to do it.
Ona McDonald
Ona is presently involved in healthy, active living pursuits both in the fitness industry and in the educational system. She has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and is presently a PRO Trainer for Can-Fit-Pro in four disciplines. She currently works with the Toronto District School Board as a consultant in health and physical education and with Ontario Physical and Health Education Association as a Master Trainer for teachers.
Gin Miller
Gin is the inventor of step aerobics, a master trainer, and a 10-time global fitness expert award winner. Recognized worldwide for her contributions to health and fitness, she works with elite athletes as well as seniors.
Colin Milner
The founder and CEO of the International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA), Colin has been in the industry since 1982 and is a leading authority on health in older adults. He’s served on the World Economic Forum’s Network of Global Agenda Councils four years running. Colin is an award-winning writer of over 250 articles, and a blogger for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He received the canfitpro Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.
Shaye Molendyke
E-RYT 500
A 23-year US Air Force veteran, Shaye has been teaching yoga since 2003. She's currently the director of the YogaFit for Warriors program, helping those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and all forms of trauma. Shaye is also a yoga therapist who sits on the YogaFit Therapy Educational board, creating unique workshops that combine the latest in scientific understanding from physics, neuroscience, and biogenetics with the eternal power of breath, movement, and mindfulness.
Samantha Montpetit-Huynh
Samantha is the founder of Core Expectations, Toronto’s only full-service wellness team providing in-home support services to the homes and offices of pregnant women and new moms. She and her team are the creators of the AB REHAB program for diastasis recti – the true cause of the dreaded “mummy tummy” and pelvic floor dysfunction post-pregnancy. She has appeared on numerous TV programs and is now the resident fitness expert on the Marilyn Dennis Show.
Mindy Mylrea
A national and world aerobic champion, Mindy is the creator and lead talent behind the Gliding discs exercise program and the creator of Tabata Bootcamp. The author of many articles, she's starred in over 400 instructional videos. An advisory board member for Oxygen magazine, Mindy is an international presenter and CEC provider for both ACE and AFAA. She was named PFP Trainer of the Year (2015) and canfitpro Specialty Presenter of the Year (2013).
Tara Newbigging
Entrepreneur, mastermind behind the BooTy® program, Soul Coach, Fitness Coach, Yoga Teacher, and adventure seeker residing in the Canadian Rockies. I hold a Bachelor of Physical Health and Education with a Major in Health Promotion. Beyond the labels, I am a passionate individual who loves to inspire people and help them discover their talents and gifts.
Terra Nicolle
With over 20 years of industry experience, Terra began doing yoga a decade ago, got her initiation into YogaFit in 2010, Is a 500 ERYT and a Yoga Therapist with the IAYT. She's a student at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and a registered massage therapist. Terra has certifications in Thai massage, Reiki Level 1, nutrition and wellness, and more. She teaches a variety of fitness classes, including pilates, step, kickboxing, and Les Mills programs.
Jessica Nooyen
Jessica is the project manager of the ACCELERATION and Healthy Canada, Everyday. As of 2009, the scope of her work centered on the programmatic lifecycle of primary and secondary risk-reduction programs spearheaded at different levels of the ecosystem of care. To stimulate the uptake of change management principles, Jessica lead various community outreach activities and evaluative practices to support upstream delivery of care, generate buy-in from multi-sectoral partners, and the mobilization of these to support broad-scale dissemination of evidence-based practice.
Paul Oh
Paul is medical director and GoodLife Fitness Chair in the cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation program at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and Peter Munk Cardiac Centre of the University Health Network, and an associate professor of medicine at the University of Toronto. His academic focus is on the design, delivery, and evaluation of lifestyle interventions for the prevention and management of chronic disease.
Karine Opasinski
Cardio Latino Pro Trainer, Energie Cardio FIDA levels 1 and 2, canfitpro FIS
A Zumba education specialist (ZES) in French, English, and Spanish, Karine has 28 years of dance experience and 18 years in the fitness industry. As a member of “La Troupe des Ballets Modernes du Québec” and New Age Nation, she participated in various TV shows, musicals, and videos, as well as Janet Jackson’s 1814 promotional tour. Always smiling, dynamic, and passionate, Karine has been a cheerleader for both the Montreal Roadrunners and the Alouettes.
David Patchell-Evans
Founder & CEO, Goodlife Fitness
Dr. Patchell-Evans is the founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness, 300-clubs-strong in Canada and the fourth largest fitness company in the world. Patch has served both as president of canfitpro and as chair of the IHRSA board of directors representing health and fitness professionals in 71 countries. An author, award-winning entrepreneur, and philanthropist, he’s received the Canadian Medical Association Medal of Honour and an Honourary Doctorate from Western University.
Jennifer Pelletier
Directrice des cours en groupe et de l’entrainement pour les Entreprises Vivre en Forme, conférencière nationale en conditionnement physique, formatrice et kinésiologue, Jennifer détient 20 années d’expérience dans le domaine du conditionnement physique. Elle est conceptrice des programmes POWER CARDIO et GoFitness Live et virtuel, a participé à plusieurs émissions télévisées et DVD de Josée Lavigueur en plus d’être co-animatrice du DVD Kilo Cardio 3.
Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas
Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas is a successful Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and published author of the books: When You're Hungry, You Gotta Eat, and No. 1 Best-Sellers Simple Success Strategies, and Think Yourself Thin. She has been working in the fitness industry for over 29 years, including 10 years at GoodLife Fitness where she earned several awards.
Krista Popowych
Krista has been inspiring fitness leaders, trainers and managers for over two decades with her motivating and creative sessions. As this year's 2016 (2008, 2003) canfitpro Canadian Presenter of the Year and 2014 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, Krista is a highly sought after educator and industry leader. Krista’s goal has always been to inspire others through movement and education. When not teaching or consulting, Krista shares her energy as a guest speaker, TV personality, advisory committee member, Adidas sponsored 3-stripe team affiliate and the Global Director of Group Education for Keiser. She's been named the canfitpro Canadian Presenter of the Year three times, as well as the IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year (2014).
Kristen Potenza
A former Division 1 athlete at UCLA and a multi-modal artist, Kirsten is co-founder of the POUND® Rockout. Workout. With a background in business and sociology, she joined with her business partner Cristina Peerenboom (both drummers) to create POUND. The two also invented Ripstix™, weighted drumsticks specifically engineered for the workout. Kirsten brings creativity, innovation, and a love of music to the fields of fitness and business.
Joy Prouty
Joy is the director of education, programming, and training for Zumba Fitness and co-developer of the Zumba Gold Program. A former Radio City Music Hall Rockette, she's an internationally renowned fitness instructor, trainer, and educator and has been known for her innovative teaching style and program development for over 40 years.
A canfitpro CPR PRO TRAINER is able to educate, examine, and help participants maintain their CPR certification, whether as fitness professionals needing to update their certification or for those who want this knowledge for personal reasons. In a fun, educational, and enjoyable manner, your CPR PRO TRAINER will deliver an excellent and engaging program and help keep you certified!
Tosca Reno
A fitness model, motivational speaker, and Oxygen and Clean Eating columnist, Tosca is the best-selling author of “Your Best Body Now, The Eat-Clean Diet® series,” and star of her own reality TV show, and The Start Here Diet. At 40, she transformed her overweight and unfulfilled self into a strong, fit woman by eating clean. For over a decade she’s been helping people lose weight and get healthy with her no-nonsense, friendly, compassionate approach.
Yury Rockit
The owner of Ki Mind Body Studio in Vietnam, Yury is a land and aqua group fitness instructor, personal trainer, mindful movement and meditation specialist, life coach, and continuing education provider. He won the SCW Fitness Education Instructor of the Year Award (2016) and has appeared in instructor training DVDs for specialty groups, including the workout series for NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Also a dance-based choreographer, Yuri integrates practices from around the world.
Javier Santin
Originally from Madrid, Javier has over 20 years experience in personal training, sales, communication, group exercise, fitness management, and marketing. He served as a master instructor and educator for renowned international programs including Les Mills and Spinning® throughout Europe and the U.S. before he joined Stages Cycling in 2016 as key accounts manager and international master educator.
Kristin Schell
BComm, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Naturotherapist, Precision Nutrition, canfitpro
Kirstin is a Personal Training Project Manager and instructor for GoodLife fitness where she began her career 14 years ago. Nutrition became a passion early in her career as she saw firsthand its impact on the wellness, results and vitality of her clients. Kirstin now runs a successful nutrition consulting practice in Montreal and co-authored the canfitpro Nutrition and Weight Loss certification manual that launched in 2013. Based on her extensive personal training and group exercise education and experience, Kirstin is a sought-after instructor and presenter.
Jeffrey Scott
Jeffrey is an international fitness presenter, Schwinn Master Trainer, Reebok Master Trainer and the Senior National Group Fitness Manager of Cycling for Equinox Fitness Clubs. With over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Jeffrey has conducted training workshops around the world and is recognized as a top fitness educator, instructor and personal trainer who is known for his creative program development and motivational teaching.
Eric Seifert
Eric Seifert is one of Canada’s leading professionals regarding muscular function and health. He holds a Mastery Level designation within the Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) discipline as well as the Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) program. He was asked to assist in the first ever MAT® Rx class filled with the top 50 MAT® specialists and is currently in the process of finishing the MAT® Rx full body internship in Denver. He was fortunate enough to have studied directly under MAT® founder, Greg Roskopf as well as RTS developer, Tom Purvis. With an eye to education and a desire to share the knowledge he has accumulated over 23 years in the industry, he is currently the only Canadian instructor in the MAT® Jumpstart program which teaches assessment and treatment with isometrics. He has taught nationally and internationally and frequently consults on a number of online training products.
Joey Shillolo
Joey Shillolo has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years. Before becoming a personal trainer, Joey was coaching with the Department of National Defence as a Military Fitness Instructor and was a sports coordinator for the Canadian Forces. Joey’s athletic background includes competing in amateur boxing and he was the winner of the 2008 IDFA Lightweight Bodybuilding title. Joey holds a BSc(H) in Kinesiology, is a member of CSEP, and has been named Personal Trainer of the year with Canada’s largest gym. Joey runs a unique and successful “Train like a Soldier” bootcamp that provides personal training to a large number of clients from varied backgrounds.
Tricia Silverman
Tricia is a registered dietitian, and certified as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and wellness coach. She is a national presenter, and was named Presenter of the Year for SCW Fitness Education Company’s Florida Mania fitness convention. She wrote the manual and exam for SCW’s Nutrition for Active Aging Certification program which she has been leading since April. She was the 2016 SCW Fitness Education Boston Idol Winner. She specializes in creating and delivering exciting and engaging group wellness programs. She developed and leads a unique combined nutrition and movement program for employee wellness. She has an MBA, and teaches Nutrition Entrepreneurship and Healthy Aging for Northeastern University
Lynne Skilton- Hayes
BSc, canfitpro PTS, FIS ProTrainer, GSTC TRX
Lynne is the Fitness Program Supervisor at the University of Guelph where she’s responsible for the programming of hundreds of programs for students, varsity, faculty, staff, and community. With 20 years in the industry, she’s an international presenter and a Bender Ball master trainer. Lynne has worked in television and print and has presented nationally and internationally to numerous group fitness workshops. In 2004, she was named PTS PRO TRAINER of the Year.
Freyja Spence
Freyja is a lead instructor for DTS Fitness Education, the Canadian master instructor for Animal Flow, and a Toronto-based strength training coach. With over ten years of experience in the industry, she works with a wide array of clients ranging from professional athletes to those seeking to simply move better. With a passion for all things related to quality movement, performance, and education, Freyja inspires others to live strong and injury-free.
Susanne Staresinic
Sue has 20 years experience in the fitness profession. She is a canfitpro FIS PRO TRAINER and practicing physiotherapist. Sue has presented and participated in several NEWBODY filmings and World Fitness Expo master classes. She was the recipient of the GoodLife Fitness Instructor of Excellence award in 2016.
Kelly Starrett
Dr. Kelly Starrett, DPT, is the author of the New York Times bestseller Becoming a Supple Leopard, which has revolutionized how coaches, athletes, and everyday humans approach movement and athletic performance. Dr. Starrett is a co-founder of San Francisco CrossFit and He works with elite Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard forces; athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB; and national and world-ranked strength and power athletes and consults for Olympic teams.
Amy Styles
Amy is a world-renowned group fitness presenter and educator from New Zealand with 18 years’ experience in the industry. She was most recently the national training manager for Les Mills New Zealand in charge of recruiting, training, and upskilling the country’s best-of-the-best presenters and trainers. Amy has been featured on Les Mills DVDs for BODYATTACK, RPM, CXWORX, and BODYPUMP, and has trained instructors worldwide.
Doris Thews
Doris Thews is an International award winning Fitness Educator who leads several fitness brands. She is Vice President of Group Fitness, Innovation and Motivation for In Shape Health Clubs in CA. Senior Master Trainer and Global Mentor for Schwinn and is on the International Development Master Trainer team for BOSU. Doris consults several leading brands on business and program development, in addition to presenting and lecturing internationally. She is known for her motivation and athletic coaching style. Empower Fitness Conference Presenter of the Year and IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year finalist for 2017. Power Music Advisory Board Member and RYKA Fit-Pro Ambassador.
Christian Thibaudeau
Christian has been involved in the business of training for over 16 years and has worked with athletes in 30 different sports. He's written four books, all of them translated into multiple languages. For many years, Christian was one of the main authors of T-Nation, one of the world's foremost sites in the field of high-level physical training. He's the co-founder and head strength coach of Thibarmy and Ballistic Advanced Training Institute.
Kelly Thorne
Kelly is a developer who builds Fitness infrastructure, branding and leadership strategies. She's always been committed to fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. As an accomplished athlete, it was athletics that allowed her to go to university and earn the captain’s role of the York University women’s basketball team. She studied and obtained her B. Kinesiology followed by a Certificate in Fitness Assessment, all of which lead her to a career in the business of fitness. In 2003 she started her career as a Personal Trainer and over the course of 15 years, 4 different fitness companies and many career milestones, she moved into the role she's in today as Vice President of Personal Training at Movati Athletic. Kelly's passion for developing career minded Personal Trainers and increasing the presence of females in the Fitness Industry is what truly drives her “why”. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her 5 year old daughter and husband.
Peter Twist
Peter is the president of Twist Sport Conditioning. An exercise physiologist with a specialization in coaching science, he’s coached in the NHL for 11 years, worked with over 700 professional athletes, and published over 500 papers, 14 books and 24 DVDs on athlete development. Twist consults international sport governments and was honoured with the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s President’s Award (2001), the IDEA Program Director of the Year (2010), canfitpro’s Canadian Presenter of the Year (2012), and the IDEA World Fitness Inspiration award (2013).
Helen Vanderburg
B.Sc. (Kinesiology), ACE, Pilates, Yoga certified
Helen is the IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year (2005), canfitpro Presenter of the Year (1996, 2006, 2013), IDEA Program Director of the Year (1996), Women of Vision (2001), and a recipient of the Mall Peepre National Fitness Leadership award (2001). She’s a business owner, instructor trainer, writer, DVD producer and elite athlete as a past World Champion synchronized swimmer and member of both the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame and International Aquatic Hall of Fame.
Chef Vikram Vij
Vikram Vij was born in India in 1964 and lived in New Delhi and Bombay until the age of 20, when he went to study, live and work in Austria. While he was there he received his chef certificate from the Salzburg Hotel Management School. Vikram moved to Canada in 1989 to work at the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta. Vikram became a certified sommelier from the International Sommelier Guild in 2000, and is passionate about pairing wines with his cuisine.
Gerry Visca
Gerry exists to inspire, ignite, and engage top leaders with Why Power – a master inspirer with a passion for helping people ignite and extract their deeper why. He's recognized internationally as one of Canada's top branding experts and creative coaches and was recently published in Jack Canfield's newest book: "Living the Success Principles."
Diane Vives
Diane is the owner and director of Vives Training Systems and Fit4Austin in Austin, Texas, and the education director for Functional Movement Systems. She's recognized as a leading strength and conditioning specialist who provides a game-changing approach to training athletes. Focusing on functional movement training applications, Diane shares this progressive approach with fitness professionals, strength coaches, rehab specialists, and organizations through speaking, presentations, and workshops.
Amanda Vogel
MA, canfitpro FIS; BCRPA Trainer of Leaders; SCHWINN, Reebok and Keiser indoor cycling certified
Amanda Vogel, MA human kinetics, is a canfitpro FIS, instructor at GoodLife and owner of, a writing, editing and consulting service for the fitness industry. She’s a Hootsuite-certified social media consultant for fitness brands and public figures and a canfitpro Advisory Panel member. In addition to blogging at, Amanda writes for popular magazines and blogs, including IDEA Fitness Journal, ACE, NASM, Best Health, Oxygen, SELF and Reader’s Digest Canada.
Kim Vopni
Kim Vopni is the author of Prepare To Push and uses her certifications in Personal Training, Pre/Postnatal Fitness and Pfilates (pelvic floor pilates), along with her training as a Postpartum Doula to help women get through birth in one piece. She is known as The Fitness Doula and loves sharing her preventative and restorative exercise strategies with other fitness professionals who work with pregnant women and new moms.
Mark Williamson
The co-founder of ClubIntel, Mark has 25 years' experience in marketing research and consumer insights. His career began at ClubCorp USA, an elite collection of private golf, country, business, sports, and alumni clubs. Mark also led global consumer insights teams and research strategies for industry-leading restaurant brands and the technology space. The owner of the boutique marketing research business Retention Measurement Solutions, he's also a guest lecturer at national conferences and a frequent webinar panelist.
Lina Webster
Linda is a four-time finalist for the IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Award and a frequent industry presenter. She's a Keiser national trainer and is known for her innovative, fusion-style presentations and her energetic, approachable teaching style. Linda is a full-time personal trainer and group fitness instructor at a sports medicine centre in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Gregory Witz
Greg is president and CEO of Witz Education, a training company committed to the ongoing development and training of today’s leaders, and author of "Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way: The Ultimate Guide to Leadership in the New World of Business." He brings the understanding that the business world has changed forever and is constantly evolving, producing new generations who step in to take the reins, shifting cultures, sales, and customer service demands.
Christine Yanke
E-RYT 200
Starting out in fitness over 20 years ago, Christine found her soul calling to a yoga mat almost 10 years ago. She fell in love with YogaFit in 2013 when she first took the YogaFit for Warriors training geared towards trauma. She completed the 120-hour training and went on to complete her 200 hrs as well, presently working on her 500. Her goal is to inspire and empower others through all aspects of health and wellness. Her certifications include FIS, Healthy Weight Loss Nutrition,YogaLean Coach and Life Coaching. She teaches a variety of fitness classes, as well as hot/cold yoga and her most rewarding,YogaFit for Warriors.
Dr. Mary Yoke
Dr. Mary Yoke is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. She has a PhD. in health behavior, a Masters Degree in clinical exercise physiology, two degrees in music, and has obtained 24 certifications in fitness. She is currently a faculty member at both IUPUI and IU Bloomington, teaching for the departments of Kinesiology and Applied Health Science. ​ Mary is an associate research editor for ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal, writing a 3x/year column called Research Bites; she is also the author of four fitness textbooks and one book on happiness!