Exhibitor Listing

Below is a list of our 2017 world fitness expo exhibitors. We’d like to thank all of our exhibitors for joining us this year and contributing to yet another unforgettable show! We encourage you to get to know these companies by visiting their websites and stopping by their booths. There will be exclusive sales, giveaways, samples and new products that you won’t want to miss out on!



20/20 Armor Small Equipment/Accessories
360 Athletics Inc.
AGMD Group Inc.
Air Canada Vacations
Allied Powers LLC Nutrition & Wellness
ALLMAX Supplements/Protein
Allysian Sciences Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements
Arbonne Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein, Spa/Tanning/Skin Care
Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited
ASICS Canada Apparel, Footwear, Small Equipment/Accessories
Athlete Activation System
AVID Fitness Products Apparel, Club Amenities, Small Equipment/Accessories
Balanced Habits Nutrition & Wellness
Barreworks Inc
Battle Sports
Beachbody LIVE
Bellies Inc.
BH North America Large Equipment
Blint Canada
Body Braid
Boldstar Apparel Designs Inc
BSN (Glanbia) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
BULFIT Ltd. Small Equipment/Accessories, Large Equipment
Burnbrae Farms Business Services, Nutrition & Wellness
C.H.E.K Institute
California University of PA
Canadian Forces Recruiting Center Non-for-profit/Charities
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Nutrition & Wellness
canfitpro Education, Business Service, Nutrition & Wellness
CanPrev Natural Heath Products Inc.
CardioMixes Music Music
CELL WELL BEING Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Cellucor Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Certified Coaches Federation Educational Tools
Consulting Dietitians Network, Dietitians of Canada Business Services, Educational Tools, Nutrition & Wellness
Core Health & Fitness
Cowgirl Up With Green Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein, Small Equipment/Accessories
Crunch Crate Business Services, Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
CSX (Champion Sport Xtreme) Apparel, Footwear, Nutrition & Wellness
Daniel Larice (Nerium International) Spa/Tanning/Skin Care
Dedicated Clothing Apparel
DNAFit Canada Business Services, Consulting/Fitness Programs, Nutrition & Wellness
doTERRA (PureOilz Inc) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Dotmar Fitness Equipment Fitness Equipment
Dream Water Products Nutrition & Wellness
Dure Foods Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Durham Regional Police Service Not-For-Profit
Egghead Soques Apparel, Aquatics/Water Supplies, Spa/Tanning/Skin Care
Ela N Ela Apparel, Educational Tools, Wellness
Eleiko Sport Inc. Small Equipment/Accessories, Large Equipment
Equinox Gym/Studios, Nutrition & Wellness
EVOLT 360 Gym/Studios, Small Equipment/Accessories, Nutrition & Wellness
Fit 4 Two Pre and Postnatal Fitness Business Services, Consulting/Fitness Programs, Educational Tools
Fit Bodies Inc. Business Services, Consulting/Fitness Programs
Fit Chicks Academy
FitAID Canada (The Good Gear Company Inc.) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
FitCloudConnect Business Services, Consulting/Fitness Programs, Gyms/Studios
FITEVO Consulting/Fitness Programs, Educational Tools, Nutrition & Wellness
Fitness Business Canada
Fitness Depot Small Fitness Equipment/Access, Large Equipment
Fitness Marketing Group Inc Consulting/Fitness Programs, Educational Tools, Small Fitness Equipment/Accessories
Fitness on the Go Gym/Studios
Flow Water Aquatics/Water Suppliues, Nutrition & Wellness
FreeMotion Fitness
Functional Movement Systems Education, Small Fitness Equipment/Access
Futurpreneur Canada Business Services
Gay Lea Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Giddy Yo Nutrition & Wellness
Global Payments
GNC Nutrition & Wellness
GoodLife Fitness Gyms/Studios, Consulting/Fitness Programs, Nutrition & Wellness
Greco Fitness
Happy Bees Honey
Health Med Distributors
Healthy Planet
HelloFresh Nutrition & Wellness
Herbalife Nutrition & Wellness
HOIST Fitness Systems
Human Kinetics
Hunter Sports Apparel
HYGIEA Supplements/Protein
InBody Canada
Induro Cycling
Infotrade Media Co.
Inside Fitness Magazine
International Council of Active Aging (ICAA)
Iron Vegan (Body Plus) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Isagenix Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
ItWorks Apparel, Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
JOGA Consulting/Fitness Programs, Gym/Studios, Nutrition & Wellness
Kaizen (The Winning Combination) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Kangen Water
Kangoo Club Canada Footwear
Kettlebell AMPD
Kinetic Solutions Large Equipment, Small Equipment/Accessories
K’S NRG Whole Food Energy Bars Supplements/Protein
Land Art
Landmark Athletics/Zebra Mats Canada Consulting/Fitness Programs, Club Amenities, Small Equipment/Accessories
Lebert Fitness
Life Fitness
Lorna Jane Apparel
M. NETWORK Nutrition & Wellness
MadeGood Nutrition & Wellness
Magnum Neutraceuticals Supplements/Protein
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Nutrition & Wellness
Massage Band Inc. Nutrition & Wellness, Not-For-Profit, Spa/Tanning/Skin Care
MATRIX Canada/STAK Fitness
MedReleaf Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
MetaFit Canada Consulting/Fitness Programs, Educational Tools
Monark Effect Apparel
Muscle Insider Magazine
MusclePharm Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
MyTrainers.com Business Services, Consulting/Fitness Programs, Gym/Studios
Nature Clean Nutrition & Wellness, Spa/Tanning/Skin Care
Nature’s Source Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Net Profit Explosion
New Millennium Living  Limited Nutrition & Wellness
NuPasta Inc. Nutrition & Wellness
Nutrition Club Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Nutrition Excellence Inc.
Octane Fitness
Ontario Physique Association
Optimum Nutrition (Glanbia) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Orangefish Apparel
Orangetheory Fitness Canada
Painted LEGgingS
PeakFitPro Small Fitness Equipment/Accessories, Large Equipment
Perform Better
PLS Insoles Inc. Footwear
PLYOGA Fitness
Point Blank Cold Brew
Polar Electro Canada Business Services, Small Equipment/Accessories
Polysleep Nutrition & Wellness
POUND® – Rockout. Workout.
Power Music Music, Consulting/Fitness Programs
PowerBar Canada Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Prairie Naturals
Precision (Body Plus) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
ProFI Pro Inc. Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Progessive Sport (Body Plus) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Pruvit Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Pure Life Science Corp
Pure Polar Labs / JAKTRX Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Quantumwave Laser
RAD Roller
RE: Sound Music Licensing Company
Redfeather Natural Products Nutrition & Wellness
RIVALUS Nutrition Supplements/Protein
Rock Gear Distribution Footwear
Roughneck Mud Run Not-For-Profit
Roxton Industries Business Services, Club Amenities, Small Equipment/Accessories
RYU Apparel Inc Apparel
S3 Supplement Success System Business Services, Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Sankom North America
Sarada Fitness Wear Apparel
SHE Getaways Apparel, Consulting/Fitnss Programs, Nutrition & Wellness
Smovey Canada Aquatics/Water Supplies, Consulting/Fitness Programs, Small Equipment/Accessories
Soup Girl Nutrition & Wellness
SpiderTech Nutrition & Wellness, Small Equipment/Accessories
Sports Recovery Systems
Square Canada Inc. Business Services
Stages Cycling LLC
Styku Gyms/Studios, Consulting/Fitness Programs, Nutrition & Wellness
SUN WARRIOR/ FOUR SIGMATIC/ LAKANTO (Raw Elements) Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
SuperHuman Strength Inc Nutrition & Wellness, Supplements/Protein
Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy Education
SweetLegs Apparel
SWIS – Society of Weight Training Injury Specialists
TaLii Towels
The Abs Company
The Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance Inc. (CALA)
The Cupping Revolution Educational Tools, Small Equipment/Accessories, Consulting/Fitness Programs
The Game Changer Consulting/Fitness Programs, Educational Tools, Nutrition & Wellness
The Institute of Holistic Nutrition Nutrition & Wellness
The Runner’s Academy Consulting/Fitness Programs, Nutrition & Wellness
The Runners Shop Apparel, Footwear
The Treadmill Factory Small Fitness Equipment/Accessories, Large Equipment
TKO Strength & Performance Inc. Consulting/Fitness Programs, Gym/Studios
Topo Athletic Footwear (The Olde Shoe House Ltd.) Footwear
Torque Fitness Small Fitness Equipment/Accessories, Large Equipment
Total Gym
Train Like Heroes Apparel, Gym/Studios, Nutrition & Wellness
Trainer+ Business Service, Consulting/Fitness Programs
TREND Marketing Footwear
truLOCAL Inc. Nutrition & Wellness
truMedic Nutrition & Wellness
Urban Poling Inc Consulting/Fitness Programs, Educational Tools, Small Fitness Equipment/Accessories
UVALUX Tanning & Support Spa/Tanning/Skin Care
Vitality MD Nutrition & Wellness
Virtuagym Business Services, Consulting/Fitness Programs
Wellness Belts Inc. Small Fitness Equipment/Accessories
Wellnx Life Sciences
Wicked Barre/Toronto Activewear/One Hot Tamale
XBody International Kft. Gym/Studios
Xlear/Spry Nutrition/Health & Wellness
Yes! Fitness Music Apparel, Music
York Regional Police Not-For-Profit
Z103.5 Music
Zumba Fitness